Data Management Marketing not only manages information — we help you learn from it. We utilize your valuable data to help you evaluate risk, maintain up-to-date records, effectively reach your target audiences, and build and sustain relationships with your prospects and customers.

Database Development and Maintenance

Your marketing database is the hub of your direct marketing initiatives. Our online toolset enables you to manage campaigns across multiple channels, instantly access customer or prospect information, and generate up-to-the-minute results analyses. You gain a competitive edge with the ability to assess individual segments, take maximum advantage of demographic and geographic data, obtain real-time counts, and perform complex "what if" selects. Equipped with the latest in systems technology, our world class data center can support your largest database application, delivering exceptional processing times that allow you to respond promptly to market changes. Our data processing resources and capabilities offer the flexibility and performance you need to accurately target your best prospects, reduce time to market, and increase your sales revenue.

Modeling and Analysis

We apply advanced scoring techniques to target specific market segments, refining your direct marketing programs to achieve maximum return on investment. Using our modeling tools, we develop response scenarios to identify the most responsive targets, Our advanced online analytical and reporting tools summarize your results so you can immediately determine your bottom line. Using sophisticated online access and data response analysis techniques, we process the information you need to make effective marketing decisions quickly and confidently.

Credit Data Processing

Credit data is becoming an increasingly important — and intricate — part of business. Data Management Marketing has the experience and expertise to guide you through complex credit regulations and help you develop the right criteria for a successful campaign. Whether your business is insurance, consumer loans, banking, mortgage, or any other business requiring the use of credit information, Data Management Marketing can give you the competitive advantage.

Data Optimization

Our strategic and technical consulting services combined with our specialized data processing resources help you optimize your entire mailing programfrom data enhancement to bulk transportation and final delivery. Our innovative tools for performing data hygiene, merge/purge, address standardization, postal presort, and other data processing tasks equip your direct mail programs with the most accurate information available.


Today's CRM packages are packed full of features, providing many capabilities — and complexities. At Data Management Marketing, we understand that the secret to CRM is simplicity. We work with you to transform your complex database into a customized system that is both easy-to-use and simple to implement. Our solutions will help you keep your customers — and your sales force — satisfied.

Mainframe, Unix and PC-based Applications

Data Management Marketing operates redundant IBM ES9000 mainframes using IBM's flagship operating system, OS/390. Our disk farm is able to store in excess of ten terabytes of information. For workstation scale systems, we utilize Windows NT, Windows 98, and UNIX operating environments. Our programmers work in every mainstream language, including C/C++, Delphi, Power Builder, and COBOL. We have been providing extensive system applications and support for almost 20 years and have developed specialized communication, database, and Internet tools to assist our clients in achieving their business automation objectives.

Internet Development

To keep you competitive, Data Management Marketing can transition your direct marketing mail programs to the Internet. We are helping client companies pioneer electronic marketing using email and the World Wide Web. From concept to complex electronic commerce applications, Data Management Marketing has the tools and experience to quickly satisfy your requirements.

Data Management Marketing is on the leading edge of Internet technology development and provides programming, web commerce site hosting, interactive search and retrieval, and custom web applications. We utilize Java, J++, and Perl to implement browser-based interactive systems. Utilizing our mainframe and PC-based networks, we provide our clients with superior connectivity and Internet solutions. We maintain our own comprehensive Internet gateways and firewalls, with all Internet technology inboard, including Domain Name Services, Mailserver, FTPserver, and WWWservers. Data Management maintains multiple, decoupled DS1 (T1) interfaces to multiple Internet national carriers for maximum performance and availability.

Data Processing

Data Management Marketing has world-class data processing resources. Our datacenter can support your largest database application and is equipped with the latest in IBM Enterprise systems technology. Data Processing is the center of our product line and provides our customers with a significant competitive advantage. Our data processing capabilities give you the flexibility and speed to accurately target your segment and respond immediately to market opportunities.

Custom Programming

Our exceptional analytical and programming staff is efficient and effective in building custom on-line database applications to operate in a multitude of system environments. Whether you require access from multiple remote locations, multi-level access privileges, continuous connection, search, retrieval and display, user defined reporting, realtime update, or high-security data transfer, Data Management Marketing has the resources and experience to efficiently implement a solution to your custom business requirements.

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